COVID-19 Penalty Notice FAQ’s

What happens when you are issued a COVID-19 infringement notice? When you are issued an infringement notice by the Police or any institution that is authorised to issue notices, Revenue NSW takes over the enforcement and recovery of the fines. What are my options when I am issued an infringement notice? The options to deal…


What’s New With Section 32?

The way the NSW court system deals with those found to have mental health or cognitive impairment issues has changed. The reforms aim to keep the community safe and take the victim’s needs into account while dealing with the mental health of the offender. The Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act 2020 came…


What Shows Up On A Police Check?

What is a National Police Check? National Police Checks, commonly known as a Criminal Record Check, is a search of a person’s criminal history to make an informed decision on an individual. They may be used to make decisions in many different situations including: recruitment and job applications volunteer and not for profit positions working…


Fourtree Lawyers Opens Newcastle office

From an acorn of an idea six years ago, Central Coast’s Fourtree Lawyers has proved true the old adage – from small things, big things grow. And to top it off, the firm celebrated the official opening of its Hunter Street, Newcastle office on November 6 2020. Opened late last year, Covid-19 delayed the much-anticipated…