DUI. Breath Test or Blood Test – Can you choose?

Breath Test v Blood Test Drink driving one of most common offences to come before the Courts on the Central Coast & the Newcastle regions. If you have been caught drink driving you may have undergone both a breath test and a blood test to determine your blood alcohol concentration. So, what happens if those…


Pokemon Go (To Jail)

Going to Court is not a game The Department of Justice NSW was compelled to issue a warning this week. The Pokemon Go phenomenon will not be welcome inside any Court House in NSW. Warning – The Department of Justice NSW In a light-hearted but none the less serious press release this week, The Department…


10 Tips For Going To Court

Going to Court can be a daunting experience. We have put together “10 Tips For Going To Court” to help you understand what you will need to do on the day of your court appearance. When going to court… Don’t be late. Most Courts start at 9.30am. You should aim to be there before the…


Is Centrelink fraud a crime?

What is Centrelink fraud? Centrelink fraud involves misleading Centrelink deliberately to receive payments you are not entitled to. Defrauding Social Security is regarded as a serious offence. Penalties for Centrelink fraud may include hefty fines, criminal charges and up to ten year’s imprisonment. If you have been charged with Centrelink fraud, you will need to…


What is an AVO?

An AVO application is one of the most common matters to come before a Magistrate in the Local Court. If you need legal assistance with an AVO matter please click here. What does AVO stand for? AVO stands for Apprehended Violence Order. This is an order made by a Court restricting the defendant from certain…


Should I give a witness statement?

If you have been asked by the police to make a statement as a witness, it is important to understand what the implications may be. What is a witness? A witness is a person who has information which may be useful in a case being heard in a Court. This information is called evidence. Giving…


Do I have the right to silence?

The right to silence after being cautioned by the Police is a fundamental right enjoyed in Australia. If the Police caution you in a recorded interview or in any situation, you do not have to answer any further questions that the police put to you. What is the “right to silence”? The right to silence…


Do I need a criminal lawyer?

Not every legal matter requires the use of a lawyer. If you are going to the small claims court or fighting a speeding ticket you may choose to represent yourself. However, in many situations you may not wish to chance the risks of going it alone without the advice of an experienced lawyer to guide…