Going to Court – What to Do, Say & Wear

Going to Court Central Coast and Newcastle

Going to Court can be a very stressful experience. Most people are quite confused about what is expected of them and what will happen on the day.

Fourtree Lawyers have put together a list of some everyday court etiquette to help you get through your day in Court.

  • Dress neatly like you would for an important job interview
  • Do not wear singlets, thongs, ripped or revealing clothing
  • Arrive at the Courthouse by 9.00am – DO NOT BE LATE
  • Remove your phone and keys and proceed through security
  • Locate your lawyer to confirm and sign your instructions
  • Take a seat in the courtroom or wait just outside your court
  • Wait for your name to be called – DO NOT LEAVE THE COURT
  • Turn off your mobile phone before entering the courtroom
  • Remove any hats, caps, helmets, headcovers or sunglasses
  • Stop eating & drinking. You may take in one bottle of water
  • Bow your head toward the Judge or Magistrate when entering
  • Wait quietly if other cases are being dealt with before yours
  • When your name is called, stand & move toward your lawyer
  • Stand near your lawyer when he is speaking on your behalf
  • Remain standing at all times unless you are asked to sit down
  • Never interrupt the Judge or Magistrate when they are talking
  • DO NOT SPEAK to the Court unless you are asked a question
  • Answer any questions truthfully and use respectful language
  • Always refer to the Judge or Magistrate as “Your Honour”
  • DO NOT LEAVE the courtroom until you have been excused
  • Bow your head toward the Judge or Magistrate when leaving
  • Go to the Court Registry to sign your papers and get your copy

If your matter is indictable, you are going to the District or Supreme Court or you are
facing a term of imprisonment you will need to seek instructions from your Lawyer.

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