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What is Bail?

When you are charged with a criminal offence, you may be arrested by the Police and taken into custody. You will remain in custody, initially in the Police cells and often moved to a remand facility until Bail has been granted.

Bail allows an accused person to be at liberty in the community for an offence they have been charged with until their trial commences (Bail Act 2013 (NSW), Section 7).

The decision about whether or not to grant Bail is made by a Bail Authority. A Bail Authority can be:

  1. A Court; or
  2. An authorised justice; or
  3. A Police Officer

How do you get bail?

If you are taken into custody on a Friday night or over the weekend, you may go before a Special Bail Court on a Saturday or Sunday morning before a Registrar.

If the charge is serious, you may be refused bail and held until Monday morning to apply for Bail before a Magistrate. If the Magistrate also refuses Bail, you will be held on remand.

When an accused is held on remand, they are held in custody at a remand facility such as the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre (MRRC) Silverwater until the trial date.

Fourtree Lawyers specialise in after-hours bail and weekend bail. We offer assistance to anyone who is taken into custody and needs to make an urgent bail application. If you need immediate assistance, call our 24/7 emergency bail line - 1300 529 444.

What is Show Cause Bail?

Show Cause Offences are certain serious offences where the accused is required to “show cause” or argue why their detention is not justified in order to receive Bail (Bail Act 2013 (NSW), Section 16A).

Persons under the age of 18 years old are not required to show cause.

What are Show Cause Offences?

  • The offences for which an accused must show cause include:
  • An offence punishable by life imprisonment;
  • Certain sex offences where the victim is under the age of 16 years;
  • Serious personal violence offences;
  • Certain indictable and serious indictable offences under the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW)
  • Certain indictable and serious indictable offences under the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) and the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 (NSW)
  • Certain drug offences which involve a commercial quantity of drugs under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW)
  • A serious indictable offence committed by an accused while on bail or parole or in breach of a supervision order

First Step: Are you able to show cause?

An accused charged with a Show Cause Offence must show cause as to why their detention is not justified. If an accused is unable to show cause, then Bail must be refused.

If an accused is able to show cause as to why their detention is not justified, the Bail Authority will proceed to make an assessment in accordance with the Unacceptable Risk Test before deciding whether or not Bail is granted (Bail Act 2013 (NSW), Division 2).

Second Step: The Unacceptable Risk Test

An accused person’s case is assessed according to the Unacceptable Risk Test. The purpose of this test is to assess whether there is an unacceptable risk if the accused person were to be released on Bail.

In deciding whether or not to grant bail, the Bail Authority assesses the following concerns. Bail will be refused if there is an unacceptable risk that the accused person might:

1. Fail to appear at proceedings. 

The Bail Authority will consider the following:

  • Whether the accused person has failed to appear at proceedings in the past
  • Whether the accused person has a history of compliance or non-compliance with court orders or Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)
  • The accused person’s background, including any criminal history they may have, community and family ties, and other circumstances
  • Whether the accused person has a history of violence
  • Special vulnerabilities or needs the accused person may have including whether they are a person of youth, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or they have a cognitive or mental health impairment
  • Whether the accused person has any criminal associations
  • Whether the accused person has any associations with a terrorist organization
  • Whether the accused person has any associations or affiliation with any people or groups advocating support for terrorist acts or violent extremism
  • Whether the accused person has made statements or carried out activities in support of terrorist acts or violent extremism; or

2. Commit a serious offence. 

The Bail Authority will consider the following:

  • Nature and seriousness of the offence
  • Strength of Prosecution’s case
  • Likelihood of a custodial sentence being imposed
  • The length of time the accused person is likely to spend in custody if bail is refused,
  • If the accused person has been convicted and is appealing the conviction, whether the appeal has a reasonable arguable prospect of success
  • The need for the accused person to be at liberty to prepare for court proceedings;
  • The need for the accused person to be free for any other lawful reason
  • Whether the accused person has breached Bail in the past by committing a serious offence whilst on Bail
  • Any warnings Police may have issued to the accused person
  • Any non-compliance with Bail acknowledgments or Bail conditions; or

3. Endanger the safety of victims, individuals or the community. 

The Bail Authority will consider the following: 

  • The accused person’s conduct toward any victim of the offence or family member of a victim after the offence
  • In the case of a serious offence, the views of the Victim or any family member of the Victim as to whether the accused person is a danger to them, individuals or the community
  • Potential Bail conditions that could be imposed to address any concerns; or

4. Interfere with witnesses or evidence

Bail Act 2013 (NSW), Sections 17, 18, 19.

If there are no unacceptable risks or concerns regarding Bail, then the Bail Authority must do one of the following:

  • Grant the accused person Bail;
  • Release the accused person without Bail; or
  • Dispense with Bail

Can Bail Conditions Be Imposed?

If there are some concerns, the Bail Authority can impose bail conditions to alleviate the risks, but only if the conditions are:

  1. reasonably necessary, and
  2. proportionate, appropriate, and
  3. reasonably practicable and
  4. there is a likelihood that you will comply with the condition

Bail Conditions that can be imposed include:

  •  Where the accused person is to reside and where the accused person can go
  •  Where and when the accused person is to report
  •  A condition that the accused person must surrender their passport
  •  A condition that surety be provided for the accused
  •  Character acknowledgment
  •  That the accused person complies with an AVO
  •  That the accused person complies with curfews
  •  That the accused person abstains from alcohol and drugs and undergoes testing
  •  That the accused does not associate with certain people or groups

If Bail conditions cannot alleviate the risks, then Bail will be refused.

We are here to help

Our solicitors specialise in Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court Bail Applications and represent clients in courts throughout the Central Coast, the Hunter Region and Sydney. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the court process from beginning to end to get you the best possible outcome.

The opportunities to apply for Bail are limited. Don't take risks with your freedom. If you or your loved one has been charged and held in custody and you need advice from a criminal lawyer, contact one of our criminal law specialists immediately on 1300 529 444 or fill in our contact form to arrange a free conference with a solicitor today. Contact us now! 24-hour legal advice 7 days a week

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Court Results

SHOW CAUSE BAIL | Property Offences Assault x 3

Bail application - granted | Enter dwelling with intent to steal / common assault (3 counts) / Demand property with menaces with intent to steal | Wyong Local Court

Our client is a 23-year-old male who lives on the Central Coast and is employed as a farmhand.

Our client, along with several others were accused of entering a residential facility, engaging in a number of serious assaults, issuing death threats to some of the residents and demanding property from them. He and several co-accused were arrested by the Police, taken into custody and refused bail.

His partner contacted us to arrange a “show cause” bail application. This was not a simple task as our client had an extensive criminal record, including numerous assaults on police officers, property destruction offences, and several bail breaches.

After extensive submissions in support of the bail application, our client was granted conditional bail.

Both he and his partner were very relieved that he was released from custody to continue working to support his family and allow him to prepare his defence case for Court.

BAIL GRANTED | S.74 Change in circumstances

13-month Intensive Correction Order | Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm (ABH) (x3), Common Assault & Stalk/Intimidate (withdrawn) | Gosford Local Court | 19/2/2019

Our client is a 26-year-old male living with his pregnant de-facto partner at the time of the offence. He was employed as a welder. 

Our client argued with his de-facto partner, which escalated. Our client made numerous admissions to the Police in an Electronically Recorded Interview. As a result, our client was charged with numerous domestic violence-related offences, the maximum penalty for each being 2 years imprisonment and/or a fine of $5,500. 

Our client was taken into custody and refused bail. Principal Solicitor Kevin Vierboom made a bail application which was denied initially. After negotiations with the Police, the stalk/intimidate charge was withdrawn and a second bail application was made, which was successful. 

Solicitor Kevin Vierboom carefully managed the case for almost three months. At sentencing, submissions were made with the emphasis on our client’s remorse and prospects for rehabilitation. For the ABH charges, the Magistrate sentenced our client to 13-months imprisonment to be served by way of an Intensive Correction in the community and 6 months for the common assault. 

As a custodial sentence was a genuine possibility, our client was relieved to avoid jail and move on with rebuilding his life.

BAIL GRANTED | Dangerous Driving Occ. Death

Release Application | Bail Granted | Newcastle Local Court | 14 April 2020

Our Client is a 28-year-old male who resides in the Newcastle Area. He has no children and is employed as a tradesman.

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in the death of another person. He was charged with numerous driving offences, including Dangerous Driving occasioning death and Negligent Driving occasioning death. Dangerous driving carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

He was refused bail initially by the Police and again in front of the Registrar over a long weekend. A family member from Sydney contacted Fourtree Lawyers for assistance on the recommendation of a previous client.

Solicitor Joseph Gilbert attended Newcastle Local Court to make a release application in front of the Magistrate. The Police strenuously opposed bail and made submissions regarding bail concerns. They submitted that due to our client being on an interlock program for other driving offences, there was a risk of further offending and endangering the community's safety.

Mr Gilbert made submissions to mitigate the concerns. He submitted that even though he was on an interlock program, our client did not fail to comply with any suspension periods on his record. His Honour saw fit to grant bail with very strict bail conditions.

Our client was very relieved to be released from custody and to be able to return to work.


Supreme Court Bail | Bail Granted | Supreme Court of New South Wales

Our client is a 29-year-old male that resides in the Newcastle Area. He is a tradesman that works in the Hunter Valley Region.

He was charged with a very serious offence and was originally granted bail. However, one of his bail conditions was to not go within 200 metres of the alleged victim's residence. Our client breached this bail condition and as a result, was taken into custody and refused bail.

Solicitor, Ms Erin Nulty worked with Counsel to lodge a Supreme Court Bail Application. They worked closely with our client’s parents to get all the required information to present to the Court. The Prosecution opposed bail on the grounds that there was a high risk that our client would fail to appear, commit further crimes and interfere with witnesses or evidence.

Ms Nulty and Counsel made submissions to mitigate any concerns regarding our client’s risk. Justice Fagan heard the matter. His Honour was satisfied that the bail conditions offered were sufficient to mitigate any concerns and granted bail.

Our client was very thankful that he could go home to his family.


Detention Application | No Breach Found | Newcastle Local Court

Our client is a 29-year-old male that resides in the Hunter Region. He is currently completing a traineeship. He was granted bail in the Supreme Court of New South Wales with one of the conditions to not attempt to or speak to witnesses.

In late July, a detention application was made against our client for 4 alleged separate breaches regarding his ex-partner. 3 were alleged direct breaches using his parents’ phone to contact her and the last was an attempt to talk to her through her boss. If a breach was found, the Magistrate has the discretion of revoking his bail.

Our Solicitor attended Newcastle Local Court on behalf of our client and made submissions that the evidence provided does not establish a breach as there is no direct evidence to suggest it was him.

The Magistrate agreed with our solicitor and determined that there is not enough evidence to suggest it was him making contact.

Our client was over the moon that he didn’t have to go back into custody.

BREACH OF BAIL | Dismissed

Breach of Bail | Dismissed | Newcastle Local Court

Our client is a 28-year-old male that resides in the Newcastle area. After a troubled past in the Hunter Valley Region, he moved in with his mother to isolate himself from an undesirable peer group.

Our client has a large number of matters before the Court, including 3 drive whilst suspended, larceny, and assault causing actual bodily harm. Drive whilst suspended carries a maximum penalty in the Local Court of 6 months imprisonment and/or a $3,300 fine. Both Larceny and assault causing actual bodily harm carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment and/or a $5,500 fine.

Our client was granted bail with the condition that he is not allowed to leave home unless for court or medical appointments. Our client had an appointment with his doctor. However, he was late to the appointment and arrived when the doctor’s office was closing due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, he was unable to make it home in a timely fashion. When the police attended his house, he was not there and was issued a detention application.

Our Solicitor attended Newcastle Local Court. We entered negotiations with the prosecution to explain the circumstances around the alleged breach. As a result, it was agreed that there was no breach, and the application was dismissed.

Our client was happy that we were able to explain the situation to the Court so that he was able to go home.

SHOW CAUSE BAIL | Bail Granted

Show Cause Bail – Bail Granted – Toronto Local Court

5x sexual intercourse person 10 & under 16.
2x agg sexual assault victim under 16
7x assault with act of indecency
1x agg sexual assault under authority
1x committee act of indecency w/ person under 16.
1x assault w/I sexual intercourse child 10 to 14

Our client was charged with serious historical sex offences. Following his arrest, he was denied bail by police. Bail at court on the first occasion was denied and he was held in custody for 2 months.

The offences are of a serious nature and carry significant penalties including but not limited to, 20 years imprisonment. In show cause matters it must be shown that there are circumstances that demonstrate why detention is unjustified; secondly to address any unacceptable risks including fail to appear, commit further offences, victim and/or community concerns and interference with evidence or witnesses.

Solicitor Joseph Gilbert attended Toronto Local Court and made submissions in relation to show cause bail, in particular, evidence outlining our clients ongoing care arrangements and residential obligations. 

The Court granted bail with strict conditions. As this was our clients first time in custody, our client was extremely pleased with the result which will enable him to care for his family, return to work and have regular access with his legal team.


Multiple Offences | Bail Granted | Gosford Local Court

Our client is a 19-year-old male who resides on the Central Coast.

Our client and the victim had been in an intimate relationship but at the time of the altercation had been separated for about a month. Our client and the victim had a verbal altercation after dining out, which led to violent behaviour from our client. He repeatedly assaulted the victim and tried to strangle her.

He later forced the victim to follow him into his car and drove to another location and assaulted her again after she attempted to leave the vehicle. When the victim was able to leave, the police were called. Our client was later arrested and charged with common assault, intentional strangulation, commercial supply of cannabis, and deal with property proceeds of crime less than $100,000.

The maximum penalty for these offences ranges from two years imprisonment and/or a fine of $2200 to two years imprisonment and/or a fine of $11,000.

Our client entered a not guilty plea at court, resulting in a bail hearing being established. Solicitor Luke Del Monte submitted a bail application to the magistrate, of which supporting documentation for our client’s bail application was also supplied.

Submissions made by Luke proved satisfactory and bail was granted.

Our client was very pleased with this result.

Client Reviews

From the first phone conversation Fourtrees gave us the confidence and reassurance that that our matter would be handled with professionalism and an outcome we were hoping for. The submissions given outlined how we felt and defended our matter perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the care and comfort we received. We would recommend Fourtrees to anyone needing legal advice & will use Fourtrees for all and any of our future legal matters.