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Lawyers Central Coast Criminal Law - Police Handcuffs

Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, or have an urgent bail application you will need expert legal advice and representation. Fourtree Lawyers Central Coast provide legal assistance 24/7. Call us before you talk to the police.

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Lawyers Central Coast Traffic Law - Speeding Traffic

Traffic Law

Being charged with a traffic offence warrants proper representation to save you from needless legal complications. Don't risk your licence, your income or your job. Our Central Coast lawyers will explore every possible option to get you the best outcome.

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Lawyers Central Coast Family Law - Behind Closed Doors

Family Law

When your relationship is under stress or breaks down completely you may not know where to turn for help. Seeking expert family law advice early can help to ease the emotional burden, save you time, money and avoid a protracted legal dispute.

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  • I reached out to Fourtree Lawyers regarding an offence that could have destroyed my career if a conviction was laid. Kevin was so understanding and helpful, with no judgment on the matter and excellent communication the whole way through. I told him of what I was hoping to aim for as a charge, and he took that into account, and he achieved an exemplary outcome at court, exactly what I was hoping to get. The fees for Kevin’s services were extremely affordable, they understand that people don’t have a large...

    CS - Lake Haven

  • My partner and I will always be thankful that we chose Fourtree Lawyers. Kevin represented us throughout a Children’s Court case. He showed nothing less than a professional outlook on the case, yet also was very compassionate. Without the help of Kevin, we wouldn’t of had the best possible outcome. We will forever be appreciative of what Kevin has done for our family. Affordable prices with great results. If we ever need legal advice, or representation, our first call will be Fourtree lawyers.

    JH - North Entrance

  • I was terrified when I got charged, but once I got involved with Fourtree¬†Lawyers my concerns (somewhat) subsided; here’s why 1) my mind was put at ease after Fourtree Lawyers gave me their idea of what a ‘good outcome’ would be (which was far better than I was hoping for) 2) I really felt like professionals were handling my case 3) the manner in which they held themselves And for the record, I was pretty chuffed with the end result. Thanks guys.

    ES - Umina Beach

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Vierboom from Fourtree Lawyers under not the best circumstances but he was a godsend for my son. Thank you, Kevin, for all your help and understanding. I know you had some sleepless nights, so did I. Good result in the end. Kerry Crum

    KC - Chain Valley Bay