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Employment laws have been established primarily to protect employees in the workplace.  They aim to create a safe environment in which workers are treated with respect and protected from exploitation and provide both parties with a clear understanding of what is required of them.  By complying with relevant legislation, businesses are protecting themselves against potential litigation.

The team at Fourtree Lawyers knows employment is an essential part of life for workers and integral to the efficient running of businesses. Our lawyers aim to provide the best legal advice for all employment matters. We work with employees and employers to try to resolve workplace disputes without the need for litigation. If, however, either party is unable to come to an agreement and litigation is the only option we will explore every legal avenue to provide the best outcome possible.

For employees

We understand your job provides security and stability for you and your dependants. If you have been treated unlawfully in the workplace, the right legal advice will determine if you are entitled to compensation for damages and/or losses incurred. Fourtree Lawyers will represent you every step of the way to achieve the best possible results.

We can assist you with:

  • employment contracts;
  • unfair dismissal;
  • disciplinary matters;
  • entitlement claims;
  • workplace investigations;
  • misconduct allegations;
  • sexual harassment claims;
  • sham contracting claims;
  • redundancy disputes;
  • workplace bullying;
  • post-employment disputes.
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Employment laws have been put in place to protect you. If you are starting a new job and have an employment contract to sign, you could benefit from the expert advice of Fourtree Lawyers’ employment law team to navigate complex and often confusing terminology and to negotiate the most favourable remuneration package and conditions. 

Don’t leave your future security to chance: get informed, ask for advice and be prepared to ask for a better deal. Your employment contract could be biased to benefit your employer and erode your entitlements. It could cost you a small fortune over your working life to assume it will be alright.  

Unfortunately, there are many employers who do not adhere to workplace regulations. 

In the course of your working life, you could experience any number of unpleasant issues including unfair dismissal, underpayment, harassment, discrimination, misconduct allegations and more. 

If you’ve experienced any of these issues you may be able to claim for damages or losses incurred. 

While it may seem like a David and Goliath battle to take on the boss, having the legal nous of Fourtree Lawyers on your side will reduce the stress and improve your chances of success. 

For employers

Our team will always endeavour to resolve your employment issues in a timely and efficient manner without the need for expensive and time-consuming legal proceedings. We encourage best-practice management of staff in order to maximise your productivity and profitability and reduce the risk of workplace disputes and litigation.

We can assist you with:

  • managing terminations;
  • redundancies;
  • advising on Fair Work Ombudsman investigations;
  • conducting workplace investigations;
  • drafting and advising on employment contracts;
  • engaging independent contractors;
  • negotiating enterprise agreements;
  • resolving disputes between employers and employees;
  • developing workplace policies;
  • bullying claims; and
  • workplace training.
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Having a sound knowledge of Employment Law and keeping abreast of changing regulations and legislation is simply out of the question for most employers. It is a complex and often confusing area of the law. 

Litigation is rife in the workplace - bullying, harassment, discrimination, unfair dismissal, and redundancy and pay disputes are just a few of the issues you could face. 

To minimise the risks, correct processes and procedures should always be in place. 

Legally binding employment contracts will provide clear guidelines for your employees and outline what is expected of each party.

If the worst should happen and you face an employment dispute it is advisable to get legal help to try to minimise or dismiss the claim.

The Employment Law team at Fourtree Lawyers can simplify your employment processes and procedures to reduce the risk of litigation and will explore every legal avenue if a disgruntled employee decides to sue. 

The stress of a legal dispute can be overwhelming, not to mention the time and money involved. Fourtree Lawyers’ expert team will provide you with the best advice so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.  

Our Promise

Highly qualified Employment Lawyers

Professional and efficient service

Individual and personal attention

Cost-effective legal solution

Complete confidentiality



  • Kevin and Jane are without a doubt 100% there to support you through Your whole ordeal reassuring you all the way My experience from finding Fourtree Lawyers on Google in a fairly unsure position, reading the reviews to the successful outcomes was the only referral I had, believe me when I say you will be happy with their experience in all fields of law which is insurmountable and they will obtain the best favourable outcome in any circumstance. Fourtree Lawyers are there for you to bring things back into perspective...

    RS - Port Macquarie

  • “Kevin and Jane were my “knights in shining armour.” I can’t thank these two people enough. They gave their everything and most important believed me when I told them my story. I am forever grateful for their professional attitude and for giving 100% to free me from my nightmare. I was able to plead guilty but also most importantly was not forced to lie and compromise my integrity and own personal values and standards. I was very happy with the outcome and the way I was treated. They communicated constantly...

    VR - Charmhaven

  • Had the most amazing experience with Fourtree Lawyers kevin vierboom who represented my partner was helpful and understanding and we got a great result better then expected ? jane hogan, I was so blessed to have her by my side. They are an amazing team and i would recommend them to everyone also great value for money. Especially considering i only called the morning of the court case and they were all over it at my bek and call thankyou so much guys im so appreciative for all your help today

    AB - Budgewoi

  • I was lucky enough to have Kevin take my case and am truly grateful for the services he and his team provided. From the outset, I was made to feel comfortable and knew from the first time meeting with them that they would go above and beyond to get the best possible outcome and that is exactly what they did. Fourtree Lawyers provides exceptional service with outstanding results and I would recommend Kevin to anyone and everyone who is in need of these services.

    OC - Avoca Beach

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Thanks again to Fourtree Lawyers (Kevin and the team ) for the wonderful service they provided for us. We are very grateful for the professionalism and manner in which Fourtree Lawyers handled our sensitive issues and for the excellent outcome that was achieved. It has already made a big difference in our lives. We look forward to recommending Fourtree Lawyers to others who may need legal assistance.