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The Covid-19 pandemic is creating daily challenges for everyone. We remain open to assist you 24/7 and have systems in place to attend to your Criminal Law matter during this time.

The police are now issuing Court Attendance Notices to attend court 8 weeks from the date of being charged or more. If you have received a Court Attendance Notice this may be very worrying. You may prefer that the matter be dealt with quickly. It may be possible to have your matter listed before the Court and dealt with at an earlier date. We have successfully liaised with the Courts and the Police to have some matters listed early and settled quickly. Please contact Fourtree Lawyers on 1300 529 444 to see if your matter qualifies.

COVID-19. What you can and can’t do.

Are you confused about the new COVID-19 restrictions on movements imposed on us by the Government?

Every time we turn the news on, there are changes restricting our movements even further. So it is not surprising that we are all quite confused and overwhelmed.

The new restrictions on our movements is governed by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 under the Public Health Act 2010.

What is the difference between an Act and an Order?

An Act is a piece of legislation made by Parliament. An Act will remain in force until a new piece of legislation is enacted that overrides the pre-existing Act. An Act that is overridden is known as repealed legislation. An Act directs what kind of penalties are involved with certain offending behaviours.

An Order is not necessarily made by Parliament but can be made by higher authorities that issue notifications that are binding. An Order must be read in conjunction with the Act that it is made under. The Act under which an Order is made will generally direct the duration of enforceability of an Order. An Order cannot impose penalties.

In the present situation, the Minister of Health and Medical Research was the higher authority who has made the direction relating to the new restrictions on movement in New South Wales. The Minister’s authority is derived from Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010. 

The Order commenced on 31 March 2020 and is in force for 90 days from this date unless the Minister directs otherwise.

The Minister concluded that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the potentially fatal and highly contagious Coronavirus, a direction to address the risk to public safety was necessary.

The direction under the Order is that a person is not allowed to leave their place of residence without reasonable excuse.’

Schedule 1 of the Order defines ‘Reasonable Excuses to be the following:

  1. Obtaining food, goods or services for the personal needs of the household (including pets) and for vulnerable persons.
  2. Travelling for work if you cannot work from home
  3. Travelling to and from childcare
  4. Travelling to and from school or an educational institution if a you cannot study from home
  5. Exercising
  6. Obtaining medical care, health supplies or fulfilling carer’s responsibilities.
  7. Attending a wedding or a funeral in the circumstances where there is compliance with the gathering restrictions, as below:
           a. Wedding = no more than 5 persons (including person conducting the service).
           b. Funeral = no more than 10 persons (including person conducting the service).
  8. Moving to or inspecting a new place of residence or a business premises.
  9. Providing care and assistance to a vulnerable person or providing emergency assistance.
  10. Donating blood.
  11. Undertaking any legal obligations.
  12. Accessing public services, including: - social services, employment services, domestic violence services, mental health services, services provided to victims.
  13. For children who do not live in the same household as their parents or siblings. This includes continuing existing arrangements for access to and contact between parents, children and siblings.
  14. For a person who is a priest, minister of religion or a member of a religious order – going to the person’s place of worship or providing pastoral care to another person.
  15. Avoiding injury or illness or to escape a risk of harm.
  16. For emergencies or compassionate reasons.

Can I Visit My Family?

Under the current COVID-19 rules in NSW, you cannot visit others unless it falls in line with one of the 16 reasonable excuses listed above. The main reason is that you may infected with COVID-19 and be unknowingly asymptomatic, and you could pass the coronavirus onto your loved ones. So, unless you live with your mum and dad, dropping in visit is off the cards.

Do not visit elderly relatives or those most at risk of suffering severe symptoms of COVID-19. Big family gatherings are out, so plan to do those via Facetime, SKYPE or Zoom.

Can I Go Away For The Weekend?

No, no and no! There is no leeway here. Hotels and such are now closed to all but those who need accommodation for work or self-isolation purposes, and "going camping" is not on the list of reasons to leave your house. Pre-booked holidays are not viewed as an "essential" reason to travel.

Can I Go For A Drive?

Not unless you have a reason for driving. People are being encouraged to stay close to their homes for shopping, exercise, and other essential needs This is to decrease the potential spread of coronavirus, and also to limit the number of people who may need emergency services in the case of an accident. So no, you can't go for a Sunday drive.

Where can I go to exercise?

People were initially allowed to go to the beach to swim or as part of their daily exercise. Unfortunately, due to the level of non-compliance with social distancing, local councils have been forced to close the beaches.

You can still go to a park or an oval in your local neighbourhood to exercise if there are no more than 2 people in the group and you are maintaining social distancing. Any more than 2 people in a group is now deemed to be a ‘non-essential gathering’

However, to err on the side of caution, you should exercise at home or somewhere close by.

Remember, even if you are in public with someone from the same household as you, you must be complying with the social distancing measures.

The following places where people used to exercise have now been closed:

  • Indoor Recreational Facilities (including gyms, indoor swimming pools, tennis centres, health studios).
  • Outdoor gymnasium equipment in a public place.
  • Public Swimming pools.

Why are Retail Stores closing?

Despite not being directed to close, a large amount of retail stores are now closing due to the restrictions imposed on ‘gatherings.’

The direction that effects retail stores most is Clause 8(c) of the Order, which states that a person who is an operator or occupier of a premises must not:

  • Allow persons to enter or stay on the premises if the size of the premises is insufficient to ensure there is a 4 square metre of space for each person on the premises.

This direction along with the reality that most retail stores would have incurred a significant decrease in revenue has heavily impacted the retailer’s ability to remain open and operating.

What if I am experiencing domestic/family violence?

A reasonable excuse for leaving a place of residence is to escape risk of harm and/or injury.

The current restrictions on our movements do not mean you have to stay inside a residence that is not safe for you and/or your children.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, support services remain open and able to assist.

What is the penalty if I am caught without a reasonable excuse?

If you fail to comply with the direction issued under the Order, the following penalties apply:

  1. For individuals – a fine up to $11,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment. In the case of a recurring offence, a further $5,500 for each day the offence continues.
  2. For corporations – a fine up to $55,500. In the case of a recurring offence, a further $27,500 for each day the offence continues.

Do you have a right to appeal this infringement?

If you receive a penalty notice issuing you with a fine for the alleged offending behaviour, the following avenues of appeal are available:

  1. Request a review of the infringement.
  2. If your review is unsuccessful, you can elect to have the penalty notice determined by a Magistrate of the Local Court.

We are here to help

If you have been issued a penalty notice you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. We can facilitate your consultation via telephone and video (via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype), in compliance with all social distancing measures.

If you have been fined and are looking for advice on appealing your penalty notice, or if you are a business wanting advice on how best to comply with the movement restrictions or even if you have a general question about the new rules, we are here to provide you with reliable advice during this pandemic.

For more information on the COVID-19 crisis and how to protect yourself, visit the NSW Health website.

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Jane Hogan

Dec 16, 2015

I was really happy with the work Kevin did for me in my employment matter. I received all of the money I was owed and we were able to achieve the result through mediation and not going through the court system. This saved me a lot of stress, money and minimal time off work. Kevin explained the whole process clearly and in terms that made sense to me, I found his ... approach straightforward and sympathetic. I would recommend Fourtree Lawyers to anyone who wants a effective and results orientated lawyer on their side.  read more

Anthony Kerins

Mar 18, 2020

If anyone finds themselves on the wrong side of the law then this is your place to go! Extremely professional, outstanding negotiation and representation skills, flexible & approachable are some of the key attributes for Kevin & his team. I had a complex case which was definitely a first class ticket for a full time custodial sentence, with the help of Ke... vin this was reduced to community service and a small fine. Thanks again Kevin & I wish your law firm a bright future.Anthony  read more

Joel Clarke

Mar 17, 2020

I can’t thank Kevin and his team enough. When I first met with Kevin I was in a mess with 4 charges, two of which were serious. Kevin read over the police statement and immediately advised me of what we could do. I am so glad Kevin represented me he really knows his profession and everything he said came to be. 3 of my charges were dismissed including the serious...  ones. I highly recommend Fourtree to anybody seeking legal representation.Thanks again Kevin and team.  read more

Eran Cohen

Mar 4, 2020

Thanks for your service, Denise was very professional and managed to get my desired outcome!

Lauren Hollis

Feb 20, 2020

Professional and efficient service with great communication throughout the process.

Ronny Ahmajani

Feb 4, 2020

I was in a terrible situation where I urgently needed a solicitor on a Sunday so after calling many law firms, Fourtree Lawyers answered the phone and thank God they did. Not only have they been amazing to work with, everyone I dealt with was nothing but amazing to talk to. The very first person I spoke to was a beautiful soul called Jane. Jane made me feel calm ... and collected and jumped onto my issue straight away. I was assigned to both solicitors Kevin and Denise. Denise and Kevin worked around the clock for me constantly keeping me up to date with anything which may arise and although the outcome may not be in my favour in the eyes of the law, they always made me see the positives in every situation and ensured they dedicated there expertise to ensure I was happy. I'm impressed with the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism which Denise and Kevin have both shown me. As for Jane, I can't thank you enough for answering my calls in your personal time and giving me your time when you didn't have to. Not only have I won myself a fantastic law firm, but better yet a solid friendship with this amazing A team. I will forever speak highly of Fourtree Lawyers. God bless you all and don't ever change. Alex  read more

Ian Cope

Feb 2, 2020

From the first phone conversation Fourtrees gave us the confidence and reassurance that that our matter would be handled with professionalism and an outcome we where hoping for. The submissions given outlined how we felt and defended our matter perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the care and comfort we received. We would recommend Fourtrees to anyone needing ... legal advice & will use Fourtrees for all and any of our future legal matters.  read more

Caroline Trindall

Jan 30, 2020

we were very please with the outcome as was facing a very large fine but ended up being small defiantly will use them again if needed highly recommended


Jan 22, 2020

Emiliano Garcia

Jan 1, 2020

Have used them in the past a few times, professional team and great outcome when needed them. Kevin and the team 👍,

Kelly McKane

Nov 25, 2019

I just want to say a huge thank you to Fourtree Lawyers and specifically to Denise McCarthy. Denise was always available to me, clearly communicative and obviously a strong professional in her role. I would have no hesitation in recommending Denise to anyone that requires representation. I was left feeling extremely anxious about my situation and must thank Denis... e for her ability to put my mind at ease and guide me through the necessary process with both experienced recommendations and empathy. My outcome was much better than we had anticipated and for that I am truly thankful.  read more

Joanna Lock

Nov 16, 2019

We are over the moon with the result Big Kev got for us today. The work that Kevin did for us ensured a sentence that looked more like a "Mid Range First offence" than a "Mid Range Second offence". Could not be happier with the result.

Yasmin Deal

Nov 16, 2019

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Four tree lawyers and their team.Originally, we were using another legal firm to represent us but after our initial consultation we walked away unsure that they would represent us in line with our expectations. We decided to take the chance and change law firms and we are so elated that we did because from the first phone ca... ll with Jane we felt reassured that they would represent us and lead us to the best possible outcome. A special mention to Denise our lawyer who worked tirelessly and thoroughly to gather evidence on our case and secured us a positive outcome that exceeded all our expectations. Denise was extremely supportive throughout our case and ensured that all bases were covered, and all avenues were visited. Denise explained, prepared and educated us on all possible verdicts. Denise paid attention to all our personal circumstances and ensured that she presented these to the court. Denise displayed an exceptional legal representation skill set. Four tree lawyers would be the only lawyers I would recommend for anyone facing legal issues.  read more

Stephen Heazlett

Nov 16, 2019

thanks Kevin, Erin and Jane for the great outcome today better than i expected and i highly recommend fourtree for representation on legai matters

Sarah Lazarou

Nov 16, 2019

These guys were amazing in a heavy vehicle, driver fatigue offence. From the start they provided us with realistic outcomes and possibilities. Having been the first ever offence the whole process was unknown and scary. On the day Denise exceeded our expectations and got the incident dismissed. Couldnt recommend them more

Daniel Grozier

Oct 16, 2019

I was recently in some serious trouble and was in need of some rock solid representation.I hit Fourtrees through google,and was directed to contact Denise McCarthy,one of their senior solicitors.It had been over a decade since I'd been in need of representation,but it wasn't nearly the first time,and I was in a state.If you are lucky enough to read this review an... d go with Denise,I assure you this is the most capable and thorough solicitor I have dealt with.On a personal level,Denise has a very engaging attitude,and is great to talk to.But most importantly,the amount of work she gets done in such a seamless fashion had me amazed.I went from a pretty exhausting state of anxiety ,to a realistic understanding and preparedness,confident in what I needed to do to engage in my submission.Spoke with Denise at length,over hours,and she was always available to squash any panicked queries I had.Denise is just a very smart cookie and an ace in her profession.The outcome way exceed anything I could hope for.That was 100% down to what she prepared and how she presented my case for the judge on the day.I hope I don't need to,but I wouldn't think of anyone else,by a long shot.I have a lot of gratitude for Denise McCarthy.More than 5 stars.  read more

Tenille Harford

Oct 16, 2019

susan murray

Oct 16, 2019

I highly recommend this law firm as when I approach them with a legal matter they made me feel like I was one of the family some lawyers while speaking to you have a way of making you feel inadequate where I found Kevin very approachable and very sympathetic to my case in fact he gave me advice and that I hadn't thought of and it helped me immensely I would go so...  far as to say that from now on they will be the law firm that I would use in any matter thank you so much for your time effort and affordabilityYours faithfullySusan Murray  read more

Natalie Cook

Sep 16, 2019

Kevin did a fantastic job in managing my situation. Through Kevin's experience and negotiating ability, he was able to represent me and secure an outcome beyond my expectations. Kevin and his team were fantastic to deal with too and were very efficient. I would highly recommend Kevin's firm and his team.

Chris Mcmillan

Sep 16, 2019

They are not only good with law they help you through difficult times. Thanks guys

mark hale

Sep 16, 2019

Fourtree Lawyers were brilliant! Kevin and his team were great! They gave me time to question and fully understand what was happening and suggested the best way forward. While I would hate anyone to have to fight the government to keep their job Kevin had the patience and expertise to explain the difficulties presented and eventually win my case.I have no hesitat... ion in recommending Fourtree Lawyers and know they will do their best to help, whatever circumstance you may find yourself.  read more

Sarah Spear

Sep 16, 2019

Thanks to Kevin and Denise for all their help. A great result. Denise took the time to explain all of my options, and was incredibly knowledgeable about my case. Thank you!

Paul M

Aug 24, 2019

I cannot recommend Fourtree Lawyers highly enough. I had never dealt with the police before and was scared out of my mind. Jane answered the phone on a Sunday and calmly and non judgementally helped ease my mind and made me an appointment with Kevin. My appointment with Kevin was very no nonsense and he is exactly who you want representing you.Last but not least ... was the wonderful solicitor Suzanne Cotter who met me before court and also at court and could not have been more lovely. She put a worry wart like me at ease and I am so grateful to have had her assisting.I would advise anyone with legal issues to contact Fourtree Lawyers, they don’t charge like a wounded bull and are results orientated with a level of care you don’t get elsewhere.  read more

Craig Hammond

Aug 16, 2019

Claudia Cooney

Aug 16, 2019

A brilliant result and a huge thank you to Fourtree laywers for performing what I had thought was a miracle. When my husband had encountered a very serious situation, I had envisaged the worst case scenarios running through my head. I encouraged my husband to use Fourtree Lawyers. We were impressed by the professionalism, and care taken to present our case. Our s... tress levels were minimised by knowing that we were being supported.Denise McCarthy was exceptional in her clear communication with the magistrate which I had not witnessed when I observed the lawyers from other firms. Her care and empathy for our situation was also evident and very much appreciated. Thank you Fourtree lawyers. We are extremely grateful that we have our life back!  read more

Kerrie Constant

Jul 16, 2019

A huge thank you to the wonderful people at Fourtree lawyers . We came to them with a very serious matter and these professional, thorough and caring people represented us through an extremely difficult time and achieved an outcome that far exceeded our expectations. They are amazing and we can’t thank them enough. Kevin , Erin, Jane and staff. You have given us...  back our life. Thank you  read more

Natasha-Victoria Allison

Jul 16, 2019

If you are looking for diligent, professional, hardworking, caring solicitors look no further!I was charged with mid-range drink driving. It is a terrifying first time experience to be in trouble with the law, like you are doing now I Googled solicitors. I read the reviews and decided to go with Fourtree Lawyers; from start to finish they were excellent. My fi... rst call, late Sunday afternoon, scared and unsure, I spoke with the principle solicitor, Kevin, he was friendly, informative, straight talking and honest. I never expected to be let off, but my dedicated solicitor Suzy was absolutely amazing. I would not normally associate a lawyer with being caring, but Suzy was great, she really pushed the boat out for me covering all bases, I can’t thank her enough.Throughout the process Jane, the practice manager, spent a good deal of time on the phone, over several calls reassuring me, her empathy and kindness was very calming and helpful.If you choose Fourtrees you will not be disappointed, they are worth every cent and more. I was facing serious charges but with Suzy’s hard work, smarts and care, I was granted a Custodial Release Order (CRO). Being able to get in my car and drive today was such an amazing feeling, I am elated. Thank you so much Suzy, you were fabulous. Thank you to the FT team, eternally grateful.NACentral Coast  read more


Jun 16, 2019

Fourtree Lawyers were amazing in regards to representing me at courtthey instilled confidence in me from the first visit to there officeany question or concern I had was addressed by Fourtree staffOn the day of my court appearance, Denise and Suzy were both proffesional, and comforting.I will highly recommend fourtree LawyersDaniel McCool

Olivier Debarge

Jun 16, 2019

Excellent support from Denise Mc Carthy. Astonishing results!

Ezekiel MacNevin

Jun 16, 2019

My lawyer Denise McCarthy at Fourtree Lawyers was incredible! She laid out everything I needed to do for my case and got the best possible result, couldn’t have asked for more. She was very organised, great at communicating, hard working and skilled as a lawyer. I really couldn’t have asked for more and she was worth every penny and more!

Lexi Quartz

Jun 16, 2019

Would like to thank Kevin for his patience and for always fighting for us !!! Thankyou for getting our family back and such a fantastic outcome at court ! ( Many thanks from Chris, Sommer & Zorana )

Dani Critto

Jun 16, 2019

I had a matter before the court and was needing legal help, I used Fourtree lawyers and had suzi represent me. Through the process Suzi was amazing, understanding and supportive. She got me an outcome that no one suspected.thanks again Suzi, you were amazing! Through the process I had dealt with other staff members of the firm and they were all fantastic. Would...  recommend to anyone needing legal help.  read more

Chris Johnson

Jun 16, 2019

I thought I was a certainty to be incarcerated. After choosing Fourtree lawyers they put my mind at ease. The barrister they recommended and the help from Erin saved my life so to speak. Very professional and considerate people to work with. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Leonardo Barletta

May 16, 2019

I've been very well taken care of since the first contact I made with Fourtree Lawyers. I never needed a lawyer before, so I was a bit lost. After a few minutes on the phone with Jane who was super nice, polite, professional and had the answers to all my questions, I decided that I would use them to help me out. It was the best decision I ever made. The end resul... t was fantastic, exceeding my expectations. I would especially like to thank Jane, Nick, Erin and Kevin for their great work done with me. Thank you Fourtree Lawyers !  read more

Maureen Ellis

May 16, 2019

Honest and helpful. Great results

Adam Smith

May 16, 2019

I would like to thank Kevin for representing me in such difficult times and such short notice, I am forever grateful and happy with the outcome. Thank you so much Kevin.

Jarrad Almady

May 16, 2019

Could not be happier with the work from Kevin and the fourtrees lawyers team! Excellent out come.

Ben Orman

Apr 16, 2019

Helped me to get a condition release order and took a lot of the stress out of the process. Great team, that works hard to achieve the best outcome for their client. Thank you all

David Walker

Apr 16, 2019

With my family law case fourtree lawyers helped me sort out everything and organised everything on my behalf and succeeded in doing there job, I am very thankful to fourtree lawyers for all they did for me.

Kylie Melouney

Apr 16, 2019

Jane and the team were fantastic from day 1 throughout my family law matter. Always put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Always available for my many questions and break downs and always explained things in ways I could understand and not legal lingo. 100% recommend

Ben whyte

Mar 16, 2019

Hi Denise. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and hard work in my case. It was a great result and i was glad i had you there to guide me through this. Thanks again.

Isobel O'Neill

Feb 16, 2019

Kevin and his team at Fourtree Lawyers were nothing but helpful, approachable and knowledgeable in their field. I would highly recommend anyone to this law firm who is after a reliable, quick to reply team who attend to your needs promptly and professionally.

Ryan Dalley

Feb 16, 2019

I recently was charged with Mid Range PCA Driving. I contacted Fourtree Lawyers (on a Sunday, i might add) and spoke to Jane who immediately calmed me with her professionalism, understanding and knowledge of this situation. I was introduced to Denise, whom handled my case. Throughout the whole process, i was treated with respect and informed of any and every pos... sible assistance and outcome. She was so professional, honest and i personally felt genuinely looked after. It was such a stressful thing to happen- my work, home, family and future was at risk pending what my outcome could be. In court, Denise was simply brilliant. She had gathered such an exceptional case for me, and i was extremely fortunate to have a fantastic outcome- clear of all charges with a 2 year good behaviour. I would highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers. I am so appreciative and thankful for all of their professional knowledge, consistency and friendly approach to myself and my family. Thankyou again.  read more

Linda Patrice

Feb 16, 2019

Thank you Kevin and Jane for a very professional and personable service. What a blessing for the great result for James Powell If for some reason I should need any future assistance I would most definitely use your great professional service Thanking you Linda Strapps

Daniel. B

Jan 16, 2019

I have recently had the pleasure of being represented by Fourtree lawyers and found them too be of the upper most help during a trying time. Thanks to them going above and beyond I recieved the best possible result

sinister pink

Jan 16, 2019

I had a lot of anxiety over a recent incident but after calling Four Tree lawyers, Kevin immediately out me at ease with some great advice and was very patient with hearing out all of my details. Highly recommend this practice, if I have any other situations where I need legal aid I'll definitely be looking up this practice again.

Marcos Maestro

Dec 16, 2018

Very Helpful , Very Organized approach in defending you in court , Fourtree Lawyers are the company to chose if you want all the confusion and stress to be explained to you and for you in regard to facing court, these people are the Answer .

Phillipe Iles

Dec 16, 2018

Very professional Law Firm, everything was extremely organised and prompt, my Solicitor Kevin Vierboom is dedicated, hardworking and very experienced, I received the best outcome possible regarding my case. Practice Manager Jane Hogan was most friendly and helpful, communicating correspondence and answering all my queries. I give my highest recommendations to F... ourtree Lawyers.  read more

Cesar Diaz

Dec 16, 2018

I researched and reached Fourtree lawyers, and I found that they have the best review and team in central coast the most articulate and professional but most importantly they made me feel confident - hence my decision to choose Fourtree lawyers to represent me. A team of excellent people, I cannot thank them enough for everything. Forever grateful.

Howard Chandler

Dec 16, 2018

Anthony Huntly

Dec 16, 2018

Recently had an issue arise regarding our boat, after speaking with police and getting different answers we were left feeling confused and made to feel like criminals, we decided to seek legal advice and found Kevin and his team, Kevin was very professional and made us feel at ease, he helped us with our matter with efficiency. We would recommend Kevin and his te... am and if we need any legal advice in the future he will be the first person we turn to. Thank you so much for helping us.  read more

Charmaine Auer

Dec 16, 2018

Fourtree lawyers helped us to fight our case against centrelink office. it started as just a investigation about some undeclared income and property, it ended with a huge amount owing according to centrelink. kevin and his staff guided us through the process of fighting this matter all the way to the AAT where it got dismissed and cleared our name owing absolutel... y nothing. thank you kevin, jane and all the others helped us going through this. we couldn't have done it without you guys.  read more

shane donegan

Dec 16, 2018

Denise macarthy was amazing representing my wife, we had an amazing unexpected outcome. Couldn’t be happier and highly recommend four tree lawyers 😊

Gracie Reynolds

Dec 16, 2018

Thanks again to Fourtree Lawyers (Kevin and the team ) for the wonderful service they provided for us. We are very grateful for the professionalism and manner in which Fourtree Lawyers handled our sensitive issues and for the excellent outcome that was achieved. It has already made a big difference in our lives. We look forward to recommending Fourtree Lawyers...  to others who may need legal assistance. TR  read more

Gus Villa

Dec 16, 2018

Cory Dunkley

Dec 16, 2018

I would like to say that i was extremely happy with fourtree lowyers there work was exceptional and i got the best outcome I could possibly get thank you guys once again

Kathryn Culgan

Dec 16, 2018

Nicole was professsional and personable.

isaac pattison

Dec 16, 2018

Great services, Nicole and Mani both were exceptional to work with and truly helped us out in a tough time.

Marcus Vinicius Schuch

Dec 16, 2018

I highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers as they are very competent and looked after my situation very very well.I just have to say thank you , the team are professional.

ryan forrest

Dec 16, 2018

Thankyou so much to the team at fourtree lawyers for helping me with my case and for achieving the best outcome possible for me and my family, i would most definitely reccomend them to anyone.

Willy Dowse

Dec 16, 2018

As an ex soldier with PTSD & serve depression I was a mess on the phone to Jane who treated me with understanding & respect. The princaple Kevin who's no nonsense straight forward advice & guidance helped me not only as a client but a person. I had a whole team helping me which I could contact at any time, even on the day of court Kevin had a brillia... nt associate Mani who I witnessed win his case before mine. Thank you everone at Fourtree  read more

Mina Rezk

Dec 16, 2018

I’m so pleased with fourtree lawyers, Mani Shishineh helped me to appeal my driving licence,However I’ve been driving for only 5 months and my license was suspended because of over 30k/h speed. I recommend Fourtree Lawyers central coast for everyone.

Karl Sitton

Dec 16, 2018

Absolutely made to feel comfortable from the beginning and a great result at Court. Do yourself a favour and walk through their door if you need help. Liam.

Tejay Nijjar

Dec 16, 2018

Rich Kempsey

Dec 16, 2018

Kevin and Jane are without a doubt 100% there to support you through Your whole ordeal reassuring you all the way My experience from finding fourtree lawyers on google in a fairly unsure position, reading the reviews to the successful outcomes was the only referral I had, believe me when I say you will be happy with their experience in all fields of law which is ... insurmountable and they will obtain the best favourable outcome in any circumstance.Four tree lawyers are there four you to bring things back into perspective and help you in any way they can... five stars from me  read more

Rhiannan O'Connell

Dec 16, 2018

Was very happy with the representation from Kevin and outcome of my legal matter.

Mick pow

Dec 16, 2018

Let me kick off by saying, putting words to the job FOURTREE has done with my case can only cheapen it, there are no words that can give the support and outcome of my case Justice.From my first contact with Jane Hogan through to the professional handling of my case by Denise McCarthy, i was put at ease and peace knowing it was all in the right hands. Thank you so...  very much FOURTREE, i am so very STOKED on the outcome that the team there provided me.  read more

Jesse Howard

Dec 16, 2018

After being charged with Common Assault and Malicious Damage I knew I was going to need the assistance of a reputable and well-respected law firm. Being 20-years-old and never having any legal trouble previously, you can imagine how distressing this was for me and my family. I did some online research about law firms within the Central Coast. I came across Fourtr... ee lawyers and read their reviews from previous clients and successful cases.I decided to give the office a call at 11.00pm with the expectation of leaving a message for the next day, but to my surprise I had Jane answer the line. I asked a million questions and she was extremely helpful. I discussed my situation and told her of my current financial position, so she organized a free initial consultation for the next morning with the Principal solicitor.On my way to see Kevin I had felt embarrassed, ashamed, and uneasy, but as soon as I walked in through the door I was greeted with complete utter respect and courtesy by Kevin and Jane.Kevin assured me several times that him and his team were going to do absolutely everything possible for this scenario to resolve in an optimum outcome.My matter was assigned to senior solicitor Denise McCarthy. From this moment on I knew I was in good hands. I met with Denise and she promptly got to work on my case. Denise would continually call and email me to keep me informed on the matter and she was always so supportive and caring for me, and most of all absolutely genuine.The final day at court date came and I was as apprehensive as I had ever been throughout this whole journey, and yet again Denise was so assertive and assured me that she had completely done everything in her power for us to walk out of court with both our heads held high. In the end I received a Section 10 (1)(b) good behaviour bond for 2 years and no criminal conviction was recorded. I could not have hoped for or expected a better outcome, I was over the moon!I want to say an absolute ENORMOUS thank you to Denise, Kevin, Jane and the whole Fourtree team. They allowed me to get my life back on track and were so supportive at such a tough time. The countless hours spent preparing my case and the pure professionalism that was displayed was more than I could have ever asked or hoped for.If you or a family member ever come into any legal trouble, and you need a team who is available anytime, has numberless years of experience with proven results, and who will provide you with the encouragement and support that you need, then I HIGHLY recommend that you pick up the phone NOW and phone Fourtree Lawyers.  read more

Melanie Mckinney

Dec 16, 2018

Fourtree Lawyers are everything you'd hope for in a legal firm - excellent knowledgeable, personable and actually care about their clients. I received excellent advice from them and highly recommend them.

Josh Denyer

Dec 16, 2018

I couldn't be happier with the outcome from my case. Kevin and Jane worked endlessly on my case and always kept in communication with me, keeping me up-to-date. The Fourtree team are professional, friendly and easy going and speak to you in terms that can be easily understood.I didn't think I had much of a hope with my case, but working along side Kevin made me f... eel a lot more confident. I walked away with no conviction and no affect to my livelihood. Couldn't be happier with the lawyer I chose.Great team of people. I would recommend Fourtree to anyone.  read more

Thomas Unwin

Dec 16, 2018

My wife and i came in to seek legal advice and found Kevin and others in the team extremely warm, personable and professional. On top of that, we felt that the knowledge imparted was sound, reasoned and objective - allowing us to judge as best as possible for ourselves on how to proceed. We'd definately recommend visiting Fourtree lawyers.

Gary Sutton

Dec 16, 2018

Kevin as Usual Was Paramount in His Proffesionalism in Dealing with my Case ...... Both Himself and Jane (Shorty) Have Assisted Me in the Definately the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME of My Case ..... Havinig Said That I Would Not Hesitate in Recommending FOURTREE LAWYERS and Kevin To Represent Me In The Future if Situation Arises 5 Star Support and Friendliness ..... Gi... ve Them a Go ..... You Wont Be Dissappointed Gary SuttonHR PCA  read more

Sarah K

Dec 16, 2018

I approached four tree lawyers after reading such glowing recommendations on the internet and having no idea where to begin with my charges that had the potential to ruin my life. Jane called me back almost immediately and gave me so much insight and support as I hadn’t even told my parents yet. She set up a meeting with Kevin, where I attended and received no ju... dgement at all from him or anyone in the office, and I knew I had made the right decision with the firm not just for the best outcome but the best support as well. They proceeded to do all the shuffling around getting my hearing moved and always stayed in touch every step of the way. In the process of waiting for the court date, I received another charge for a different offence. Kevin was so understanding and professional, dealing with a client that now had 2 charges. Kevin, Jane, Sian and all the staff worked so hard to get me the best possible outcomes. They really are the best possible outcomes given my situation, and they all put 110% into their work and I couldn’t recommend them enough!!  read more

Eric Wong

Dec 16, 2018

Having never dealt with a serious legal matter before, Fourtree Lawyers walked me through every step of the way.Their professionalism, compassion and reassurance was essential in getting the best possible outcome for my matter.It is without a doubt and beyond contestation that I would recommend them to anyone dealing with legal matters.Thank you!

Sean C

Dec 16, 2018

The Fourtree team were diligent, resilient, and beyond exceptional in their professionalism with handling my case. I was treated with honesty and respect, and felt a real sense of compassion in upholding my personal dignity during the long and tedious court process. Thanks to the countless hours spent by Kevin, Jane and the Fourtree team- I had landed a successfu... l outcome in an extremely tricky situation. They never gave up, and their persistence was unparalleled. I'm forever grateful for the significant impact these guys have had on my life. Always keep up the amazing work guys!  read more


Dec 16, 2018

From the first initial contact through to the actual court appearance - Jane made me feel at ease through the whole daunting process of going to court - Kevin was very professional and represented me - I could not have asked for a better outcome - I can STRONGLY recommend Fourtree Lawyers and I will use again in the future - thank you guys xx

Alana Garaty

Nov 24, 2018

From the first initial contact through to the actual court appearance - Jane made me feel at ease through the whole daunting process of going to court - Kevin was very professional and represented me - I could not have asked for a better outcome - I can STRONGLY recommend Fourtree Lawyers and I will use again in the future - thank you guys xx

Kristine Werner

Nov 24, 2018

To Kevin, Jane and especially M/s Denise McCarthy,This is the 2nd time you have helped us with a MUCH better than expected outcome.The professional, dedicated detail and representation which was provided to us has resulted on both occassions an outcome far surpassing our expectations.We highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers to anyone requiring legal representation an... d cannot give enough praise to Denise McCarthy for her expertise advice and presentation.Thanking all at Fourtree Lawyers Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2018  read more

TJC_ codie

Dec 16, 2017

I would like to write a word of thanks for professional services from Fourtree lawyers at Erina in particular Mr Paul Popeescu. Paul has gone above and beyond to assist my son in a difficult case. He has all all times kept me informed kept my son informed, explained in detail and broke it down in layman terms all the legal jargon.He is well informed and very fact... ual honest and at all times professional and sincere. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone needing legal assistance I cannot speak highly of this gentleman he is a credit to his profession  read more

Joe Cooney

Dec 16, 2017

Thank you so much to Paul, Jane and Kevin for working hard to get the best possible result in court. I am very happy and relieved.

Terry Sheean

Dec 16, 2017

Paul was more than just a lawyer. He even brought paperwork to the cafe where I was having lunch. His guidance and communication was very clear and I would recommend him for sure.

Jess N

Dec 16, 2017

Kevin, Jane and their team did a wonderful job. They truly went above and beyond and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation and needing representation.

Karen W

Dec 16, 2017

Although our experience is not one we would have chosen to go through, nor do we want to be in this type of situation again, at the very least we are hopefully wiser for it and take some comfort in the fact that we now have a solicitor we know we can call on. We appreciate your service and would not hesitate to recommend Fourtree if we know anybody in need of le... gal advice.  read more

Jessica Hooton

Dec 16, 2017

I Highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers they were very helpful and supportive through out my ordeal.I had never been in trouble with the law before until i had an accident and was being charged with a serious charge. Jane and Kevin were amazing through out this stressful time, they were very informative and quick to answer my calls and emails with any questions i had... .Jane and Kevin went above and beyond to help me and they were able to get me the best possible outcome i am forever greatful!  read more

Graeme Campbell

Dec 16, 2017

Chloe Mann

Dec 16, 2017

They did such a wonderful job, i was caught driving whilst disqualified 2nd off.I was looking at jail for 2 years but they got me 2 years disqualification and a good behavior bond. Im extremely happy with my outcome i get to go home with my family. 100% would definitely call then and recommend them to anyone who is in trouble and the prices is great!.Paul thank y... ou so much you have no idea how grateful i am for what you did for me. Regards Regan.  read more

Allison Anderson

Dec 16, 2017

I was apprehensive about trusting anyone with the erroneous but embarrassing and life-altering criminal charge I faced. I did a little research and the compass of criminal experience and victories pointed to Fortree Lawyers. My case was a tricky one, no witnesses and no evidence; bar several fabricated statements embossed with Police collusion. Kevin and Paul p... resented my case to the Magistrate with kind respect and with sincere regard for my integrity. Throughout the process of compiling my case Jane took a series of desperate and distressing phone calls from me. I was emotionally shackled by the unfairness of my situation and of the possible criminal outcome for me. Jane was relentless in propping me up. She made me feel human again. Kevin protected me - Jane nurtured me. Oh! The charge? Well. That was dropped ;) Kevin & Paul unhinged the alleged victim's and Police's re-articulation and embellishment of actual events.I can live again. Thank you friends.   read more

Cameron James

Dec 16, 2017

Thank you To Kevin and Emma for the Knowledge and professionalism , Was worried sick till This team of Champions helped me , 10/10 would recommend Emma and Kevin to anyone who needs legal advise or help , Thank you again

Rhys Coombes

Dec 16, 2017

Oh my goodness, stop what you are doing right now do yourself a favour and just call them!! Kevin and Jane worked tirelessly on my case and presented perfectly to the court. What truly separates them is that they really do care about you. We all make mistakes and often their are genuine reasons why me make them. Kevin and Jane were so understanding and really hel... ped to present to the court exactly the circumstances surrounding my personal mistake. I couldn’t have asked for a better legal team, they were worth every penny and more!! A shining example of their industry. A special thank you to Denise McCarthy who wrote my written submission to the court, it was actually amazing and helped the court to understand my situation so well. If you are looking for an amazing legal team who are available whenever you need them. With years of experience, able to support and represent you through this incredibly stressful time, then look no further and just call them! You’ll see what I mean I’m sure!! Thank you again, so incredibly grateful. Rhys.  read more

Chris Ball

Dec 16, 2017

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kevin Vierboom, Jane Hogan and Brooke Murphy, of Fourtree lawers...I presented them with a very difficult case in the form of a high-range DUI, and through their exceptional advice and diligence they managed to obtain an out come that was better than I could have hoped for...The Presiding Magistrate made it very cle... ar that I was just on the verge of a custodial sentence... and that the default penalty for my charge was 3 years supension, a $3000 dollars fine and 2 years Interlock program which is costly in of itself.Kevin managed to reduce under (section 9) the penalties to 7 months suspension and a $1000 fine. His guidance in relation to obtaining Character references, along with writing a letter of apology to the police,and also how to behave towards the Magistrate were absolutely Invaluable.Kevin was also very matter of fact about he gravity of the charge and made no false guarantees, along with being non- Judgemental. I Highly recommend the services of Fourtree Lawyers at Erina, and hold the whole team in the utmost professional, and personal regard.Thankyou Fourtree!  read more


Dec 16, 2017

Kevin and Jane were my "knights in shining armour." I can't thank these two people enough.They gave their everything and most important believed me when I told them my story. I am forever grateful for their professional attitude and for giving 100% to free me from my nightmare. I was able to plead guilty but also most importantly was not forced to lie and compr... omise my integrity and own personal values and standards. I was very happy with the outcome and the way I was treated.. They communicated constantly with me and kept me informed and educated each step of the way. I would recommend this firm to anyone................ They were 100% more efficient and reliable than my previous lawyers......... My previous lawyers charged me over $2000 and did not even represent me in court . .......My previous lawyers also left me when I needed them most. ........My previous lawyers also tried to pressure me into falsely testifying to something that I did not do intentionally. ....... My previous legal team are a very large well-known, well established, firm based at Tuggerah which I would never recommend to anyone as I was treated like dirt especially on the day I had to appear in court. I was bullied by the head of this well known firm and my own solicitor did not turn up and I did not receive any communication/explanation regarding him being away. ( I can't name the Tuggerah firm for obvious legal reasons).If you have a choice pick four tree lawyers they are the best.  read more

Jason Hardy

Dec 16, 2017

I had a disagreement with a family member and resulted in me needing legal representation, I contacted Kevin at Fourtree Lawyers and arranged a meeting. Keven was straight to the point and gave me his professional advice and my options. I felt very comfortable and was so appreciative that I could call him for advise anytime I felt uncomfortable with a situation. ... And with his and Janes excellent communication and advice no only did I receive a great outcome that was better then I could ever imagine, but it came in a a very very reasonable price. Kevin your a credit to your industry. Thanks you  read more

Angela Brown

Dec 16, 2017

Had the most amazing experience with fourtree lawyers kevin veirboom who represented my partner was helpful and understanding and we got a great result better then expected 😊 jane hogan kevins secretary i was so blessed to have her by my side. They are an amazing team and i would recommend them to everyone also great value for money. Especially considering i onl... y called the morning of the court case and they were all over it at my bek and call thankyou so much guys im so appreciative for all your help today  read more

Marty Wilde

Dec 16, 2017

Kevin represented me and was absolutely fantastic he did everything he could to ensure the best possible result

Daniel Dubbels

Dec 16, 2017

very experienced in every way, good outcome.

Simon Ryan

Dec 16, 2017

I was recommend to Fourtree lawyers from a friend whom also experienced a serious driving infringement. My situation was slightly more serious, being charged with drive while suspended, shared with a reasonably extensive driving record, meant my chances of driving home were minimal.Kevin’s realistic and knowledgeable approach not only prepared & educated me u... pon all possible verdicts, but also supported me with all possible optimistic outcomes. Kevin’s extensive knowledge of the legal system, combined with the understanding of the Judges expectations, and vast life experience resulted with an outstanding result, in fact one in which certainly was planned as best case scenario, & I am in immensely appreciative that I was able to drive home. The legal knowledge is not the only positive experience from my unfortunately pleasing experience with Fourtree. The Fourtree team’s efforts ensured my piece of mind through a perplexing, and anxious time of my life with support and absolute guidance. I would certainly recommend Kevin and the team to anyone looking for not just a wonderful legal representation, but a holistic approach which presents unquestionable integrity, honesty and accomplishment. I thank you Kevin, and the team at Fourtree Regards  read more

Sara Lock

Dec 16, 2016

Highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers

kerry goodall

Dec 16, 2016

I am very appreciative of the exceptional legal representation that Fourtree Lawyers provided us. Their help, support, and hard work given, gave us a wonderful outcome. If anyone was in a situation requiring legal help, Fourtree Lawyers would be my one and only recommendation, as I know from experience they will not give up till they achieve the very best results...  for you. I can not thank the team Fourtree lawyers enough.Kerry  read more

Mel Kelly

Dec 16, 2016

Thanks to Kevin and James for meeting me on a Saturday to talk through the details. There was a very relaxed, non-judgemental vibe. Jane was extremely helpful helping to gather all of the information and was very responsive even out of hours. Jane came with me on the day of my appearance which was very comforting. The fee was reasonable and Kevin followed up with...  a few questions I had.  read more

Christopher Brand

Dec 16, 2016

Easy to deal with, clear communication and understanding, thanks for your help.

Don Newell

Dec 16, 2016

Thank you, Jane & Kevin, for all your help and support. I know it has been very hard, and you have made it easier for us. Your dedication to helping our son has been amazing. We thank you so much. H & D

Caitlin Summerell

Dec 16, 2016

I reached out to Fourtree Lawyers regarding an offence that could have destroyed my career if a conviction was laid. Kevin was so understanding and helpful, with no judgment on the matter and excellent communication the whole way through. I told him of what i was hoping to aim for as a charge, and he took that into account, and he achieved an exemplary outcome at...  court, exactly what i was hoping to get. The fees for Kevins services were extremely affordable, they understand that people dont have a large amount of money in their back pocket to dispose of easily, and i had options to pay the amount off over a period of time, so i could afford it. Would recommend Kevin and the Fourtree Lawyers team to anyone looking for legal help, and i am beyond satisfied with their professionalism and compassion.   read more

Jade Holl

Dec 16, 2016

My partner and I will always be thankful that we chose Fourtree Lawyers. Kevin represented us throughout a Children's Court case. He showed nothing less than a professional outlook on the case, yet also was very compassionate. Without the help of Kevin, we wouldn't of had the best possible outcome. We will forever be appreciative of what Kevin has done for our fa... mily. Affordable prices with great results. If we ever need legal advice, or representation, our first call will be FourTree lawyers.  read more

Natalie Watson

Dec 16, 2016

I met Kevin last week whilst waiting to be called into court. I was planning on not being legally represented (due to the fact I couldn't afford it) but was just hoping for the best outcome. Kevin walked past and engaged in a conversation with me, that then turned out into him offering his service at a very affordable rate that I could pay off. This was an absolu... te god sent. I couldn't be happier with the results if I tried. This all happened as Kevin was finished in court for the day but shared his generosity to a stranger he had never met. Thankyou so much Kevin, I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know that needs a legal rep. NWKincumber  read more

Ted Smith

Dec 16, 2016

I was terrified when I got charged, but once I got involved with Fourtree Lawyers my concerns (somewhat) subsided; here's why1) my mind was put at ease after Fourtree Lawyers gave me their idea of what a 'good outcome' would be (which was far better than I was hoping for)2) I really felt like professionals were handling my case3) the manner in which they held the... mselves And for the record, I was pretty chuffed with the end result. Thanks guys.  read more

Ian Curry

Dec 16, 2016

I had the unfortunate experience of going through a very lengthy and complicated matter which Kevin was able to assist and ultimately achieve a fantastic outcome. The support me and my family received was exceptional and still keep in contact despite the matter having been resolved almost a year ago. I know that if I ever need help or support I can call on Kevin ... and for that I will be forever grateful. Highly recommend his service.  read more

Hollie Moy

Dec 16, 2016

This is the second time I have used Fourtree Lawyers. In 2014, Kevin did a middle range PCA for me with very little notice. At the time, I was a P-plate driver and I had serious health concerns. Kevin was able to put my personal circumstances to the Court in a persuasive manner. I contacted Fourtree Lawyers again in 2016 when I was charged with a second offenc... e of driving while disqualified and a special range PCA. Once again Kevin put together a strong case for me on my guilty plea. Both of my experiences have been excellent and I am really happy with the great results. Thank you, Kevin.  read more

Jo Lock

Dec 16, 2016

I wanted to write to you personally to thank you for your help over the past few months. Your honest advice, professional manner and strategic approach to my matter was very reassuring. I really appreciate that you explained the legal process and the reasons for your recommendations every step of the way.It allowed me to make confident decisions in the midst of a...  very confusing time in my life.Thank you seems inadequate Kevin, for the time and effort you dedicated to my case.My life can finally now return to normal, I am so relieved to have this all behind me.  read more

MARK Osborne

Dec 16, 2016

We engaged Fourtree Lawyers to help us with a sensitive family matter. We were in a difficult position when one of our family members partner had fallen pregnant and given birth. During the pregnancy, the partner had become estranged from our family member, who wanted to retain parental rights. The partner was hostile to our family including online social media p... osts, difficult visitation rights and using the recently born child as a financial tool to gain monies from our family. We constantly felt like we were being blackmailed by the estranged partner to allow us to see the child. We were fortunate enough to be represented by the principal solicitor Mr Kevin Vierboom. He reviewed our case in great detail and developed a solution which will bring us closer to our new family member, without the constant fear of emotional and physical blackmail. We have trusted Fourtree Lawyers with a most difficult assignment, dealing with the love and emotions of a family. The team at Fourtree Lawyers were patient, considerate and effective in delivering an outstanding positive result to us. We always felt we were in safe hands; the results proved this. Thank you, Kevin, I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in a similar situation.  read more

Shannon Hogan

Dec 16, 2015

Great result. Cannot thank you enough Kevin. I could not have hoped for a better outcome to my legal issue. I will be calling you again if I ever need assistance with a legal problem in the future.

Jane Hogan

Dec 16, 2015

I was really happy with the work Kevin did for me in my employment matter. I received all of the money I was owed and we were able to achieve the result through mediation and not going through the court system. This saved me a lot of stress, money and minimal time off work. Kevin explained the whole process clearly and in terms that made sense to me, I found his ... approach straightforward and sympathetic. I would recommend Fourtree Lawyers to anyone who wants a effective and results orientated lawyer on their side.  read more

Anthony Kerins

Mar 18, 2020

If anyone finds themselves on the wrong side of the law then this is your place to go! Extremely professional, outstanding negotiation and representation skills, flexible & approachable are some of the key attributes for Kevin & his team. I had a complex case which was definitely a first class ticket for a full time custodial sentence, with the help of Ke... vin this was reduced to community service and a small fine. Thanks again Kevin & I wish your law firm a bright future.Anthony  read more



  • Very Helpful, Very Organized approach in defending you in court, Fourtree Lawyers are the company to chose if you want all the confusion and stress to be explained to you and for you in regard to facing court, these people are the Answer.

    MM - Point Clare

  • I’d like to thank Kevin and Jane for meeting me on the weekend and saving me a trip to the central coast (without a licence). I’d also like to thank Paul Popescu for doing a fantastic job representing me on a serious driving charge, he gave me clear instructions on what I needed to do and he was spot on, I received the best possible sentence. I would highly recommend Fourtree Lawyers, they travel all over NSW.

    LA - Kotara

  • We found Fourtree Lawyers on Google after hours. I called on a Sunday and got some good advice. So went in to meet Kevin on the Monday. The outcome was a section 10(1)(b). We were so pleased and relieved. Thank so much to Kevin and Jane!! Would definitely recommend Fourtree Lawyers! Worth every cent! – JM Terrigal

    JM - Terrigal

  • I was recommend to Fourtree Lawyers from a friend whom also experienced a serious driving infringement. My situation was slightly more serious, being charged with drive while suspended, shared with a reasonably extensive driving record, meant my chances of driving home were minimal. Kevin’s realistic and knowledgeable approach not only prepared & educated me upon all possible verdicts, but also supported me with all possible optimistic outcomes. Kevin’s extensive knowledge of the legal system, combined with the understanding of the Judges expectations, and vast life experience resulted with an outstanding result,...

    SR - Wyong

Client Reviews

From the first phone conversation Fourtrees gave us the confidence and reassurance that that our matter would be handled with professionalism and an outcome we were hoping for. The submissions given outlined how we felt and defended our matter perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the care and comfort we received. We would recommend Fourtrees to anyone needing legal advice & will use Fourtrees for all and any of our future legal matters.