I was apprehensive about trusting anyone with the erroneous but embarrassing and life-altering criminal charge I faced. I did a little research and the compass of criminal experience and victories pointed to Fourtree Lawyers. My case was a tricky one, no witnesses and no evidence; bar several fabricated statements embossed with Police collusion. Kevin and Paul presented my case to the Magistrate with kind respect and with sincere regard for my integrity. Throughout the process of compiling my case Jane took a series of desperate and distressing phone calls from me. I was emotionally shackled by the unfairness of my situation and of the possible criminal outcome for me. Jane was relentless in propping me up. She made me feel human again.

Kevin protected me – Jane nurtured me.
Oh! The charge? Well. That was dropped 😉
Kevin & Paul unhinged the alleged victim’s and Police’s re-articulation and embellishment of actual events.

I can live again. Thank you, friends.

AA - Toukley